Community Liason

Community Liaison Agenda

October 16th, 2017

10 am – 11 am

SAU Conference Room


  1. Providing information on students/families.  When is information public and when is it “protected”?  When should information to the Board be presented in a non-public session?  What are the reasons to go into non-public for students or families?  When should minutes be sealed? 

  2. Volunteers for immediate Community representation to two Paul School/District committees are needed:

    1. Master Professional Development Plan

    2. Technology Committee

  3. Special education follow-up on students with learning disabilities and amount of paraprofessional time.

  4. Student Achievement data – New state assessment, science scores just in.  New reading assessment for K-3.

  5. Your agenda items.


Follow up:

In order for the Paul School to offer free lunch to all students AND be reimbursed, at least 40% of families applying for free and reduced lunch must also be a TANF or SNAP families.  Not all our families are TANF or SNAP enrolled, although they may be eligible.  Our TANF/SNAP children are 27% of the total number of students at the Paul School.  Our free and reduced lunch children are 43% of the total student population.  It is still my intention to cost our free lunch as an expense the district would take on without federal reimbursement.

We are bound by our AREA agreement to offer other options besides Spaulding to 10% of our high school student enrollment.  The options must be TO ANY SCHOOL DISTRICT; therefore, any high school part of a school district would qualify.  We will make this clear and not refer to the lottery as a Kingswood lottery.

The Regular Board Meeting Policy was changed so that any Board member could be contacted to place an item be placed on the agenda, i.e. not just the chair.

I did inform the chair of the Wakefield School board that community members desire to fill the vacant seats asap.